Consultant training courses

Are you a consultant? Partner with us to leverage your IPR

The 8.45 Club’s partnership scheme is for you if you are a subject matter expert, keynote speaker or face to face trainer and are looking:

  • … for ways of making money while you sleep
  • … to become more competitive
  • … to gain more exposure to new clients
  • … to add value to your core proposition

In 4’10” the video below explains how we can help you design and deploy your very own video-based e-course AND A BRAND NEW SOURCE OF INCOME in partnership with The 8.45 Club.

Grab a cup of coffee and click the play button below and if you like what you see drop us a line

Want to see a recently produced example of a consultant course in action? This consulting organisation is using their course to train their corporate audience and at the same time, use it as a model to provide further bespoke online learning in partnership with us. Food for thought?

Thoughts from another one of our clients…

Feeling so very positive about all the work that we are doing – it continues to be great working with you. Thanks for making it easy…

Lesley Everett, Professional speaker (