Event filming

It takes time to put on a good event – so why wouldn’t you resell it or make it available online for your audience!?

Event filmingWe hate seminars and conferences which aren’t recorded. It’s such a waste of great content! We film your event and make it work for you online.

The chances are you’ve taken hours, days or even weeks to prepare a seminar or conference. There might be a dozen speakers, there might be 100 people in the audience. Don’t lose sight of the fact there could be 10,000 people around the world who would benefit from seeing this content.

Sure, you could produce DVDs, but The 8.45 Club way is a better one. We’ll film it for you, break it into bite-sized chunks and put it online for your attendees to see it again, at their pace. We can then sell it to a global audience, piece by piece, or in its entirety. We call it “sweating the asset”. You might call it money for nothing…

A case study

The approach

  • We travelled to Manchester and Melbourne (believe it or not) to film Ed Dale’s Coming Home seminars.
  • We broke up the footage ‘on paper’ and planned three courses.
  • We then wrote intro and outro scripts for all the modules (over 30 across 3 courses in total).
  • We then worked with Ed to film the green screen video production and recorded those introductions and endings…
  • Our post production team then completed the various modules.
  • We then write and build the course website.
  • The video above is the first one in the Valuing Websites course.
  • Ed introduces the course, we play in the first section of seminar content and at 7’57” he does the outro, where he persuades to buy the course.

The benefits:

  • The valuable content is not just presented once to a closed audience and lost forever – it is captured for others to benefit from it.
  • It’s easy to film content – and then supply it as a 2 hour wadge of ‘stuff’ which realistically is going to overwhelm most people… instead, The 8.45 Club format provides it in linked together, digestible, bite-sized chunks.
  • It turns a seminar into a saleable asset, meaning the speaker can benefit financially, long after they’ve left the stage.

Click the video below to view the first module. Note that the introduction to this first module is twice as long as the rest of the modules, as Ed sets the scene for the whole course first…


  • Event filming shouldn’t just end at that. Good content should be distributed. Widely!
  • Event filming should enable the content owner to make an additional revenue stream.
  • Event filming should be thought about during the planning phase to maximise intellectual and financial returns.