Green screen video

“It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of green cloth…”

Like the look of our video work? That’s because most of it is filmed on green screen (also know as chromakeying), which means you can make it look pretty cool…

We’ve travelled to Sydney, Melbourne and New York with our suitcases of kit before now.


Filming on location with the portable studio

A green screen can enable you to superimpose any background you wish – and we’ve created quite a few in the last few years. It means for a fraction of the price of hiring a studio with a lighting engineer, sound man and camera crew you can get some amazing results with our branded virtual studios.

The power of chromakeying

Our purpose built green screen studio

In June 2011, The 8.45 Club moved into its purpose built green screen studio in Berkshire, UK. We now have plenty of space, the right kind of green screen curve and fabulous lighting to deliver amazing results for our clients.

Green screen video looks highly professional
Green screen video can be produced to suit your budget
Green screen video can be produced wherever you are

There are examples of green screen videos all over the site. So take a look around!