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We write, build and deliver high quality, bespoke ICT training

Face to face training is a start – but often users need help after an initial introduction. Often they need help at home, out of hours or in an emergency. We’ve all been there.

We’ve created training for Microsoft software – we can do it for yours too. The secret to our success has been that we tailor it specifically for the needs of your audience. In our teacher training case study below for example, we brought in expert teacher trainers to write the scripts. We constantly ensured we talked the language of teachers and provided examples in context.

Microsoft Office ICT Training Case study

RM is a London Stock Exchange listed IT provider in the Education sector. They came to us because they realised it would not be cost-effective or in teachers’ best interests to deliver one session of face to face training on their new Microsoft Office 2007 suite. We came up with a better way.

We produced a fully searchable. members only, video module course on Microsoft Office 2007, specifically designed for teachers. We brought in teacher training experts and devised several paths a user might want to take – “only got 15 minutes?”, “only need the essentials?” etc.

We scripted and produced 42 modules and nearly 5 hours of high quality teacher specific content talking through worked examples a teacher would come across during their working day.

You can see an example module from the course by clicking play below.

Finally – you can also see a version of the course for teachers outside of RM’s local boroughs here.

  • ICT Training should be a blend of face to face training and online video.
  • ICT Training should teach people what they need to know, when they need to know it.
  • ICT Training should get to the point and give practical, real life examples.

Enter The 8.45 Club style of learning.

What I am used to having is someone talking at me for half an hour. By the time you come to actually USE the thing you have forgotten everything and lost any bit of paper you wrote on or were given. This is the right way to learn!

Head of Department

When you sit down to do something, you can go back and watch the video at a time to suit you… when you have actually done it yourself you will probably remember next time.

Religious Education teacher