Training video production

Training for internal company audiences and for sale online

From initial concepts and scripting, right through to presenting, filming and post production. We can also provide your very own course membership site if you’d like to charge for your training or just to provide private training behind a login.

We’ve had plenty of experience of delivering the right results for clients over the last few years. When you have 5 mins 30 seconds without interruption – click play and we’ll explain all in the video below and give you some food for thought.

Why is our training video production unique?

1) We deliver bite-sized videos… typically 10 minutes or less. Because who has time any more?

2) We use green screen video virtual studio sets to recreate what we all see every day on TV. This polished, professional familiar feel creates engagement with learners.

What’s green screen video? In the image below – whilst Lesley is really there and presenting to her audience, she’s actually standing in front of a green screen.

Click PLAY on the image below to find out more. At 2’50” – if you’ve never seen a green screen in action, all will become clear!

Do you have examples of your training videos?

1) Serious eLearning

Management consultancy, Serious, based in Melbourne, Australia wanted to create a showcase course to show to prospective clients as well as using  with existing ones as a supplement to their face to face training.

We structured, filmed and post-produced a 6 module course and built their private site where users must register to see their content.

Module #1 is below for you to sample.


2) Lesley Everett, Walking TALL

Consultant and professional speaker, Lesley Everett travels the world and speaks at high profile events on the subject of executive presence and personal branding. We have worked with Lesley to produce a 12 module suite of videos which now form her Walking TALL e-course.

It’s available for sale via the ecommerce site we built and manage for her. It’s also a showcase for her corporate customers. We now produce customised versions of the course and videos for FTSE100 companies in the UK.

Module #1 is available for you to take a look at below.

3) Precise

Precise monitors, analyses and draws insight from news, opinions and conversations to identify what matters. It has 1000’s of customers and many of those customers access the live information via their application, Precise Connect.

Looking to drive usage and show people how to get the most from the software, Precise came to The 8.45 Club. No virtual studio this time – still filmed on green screen, but with just a clean white background. Daryl introduces the service and then we use carefully timed (and doctored where necessary) screencam sequences to explain the service.

4) Kaplan EduNeering

We’ve worked with the US’s largest provider of ethics and compliance training, Kaplan EduNeering for a number of years producing private courses for their customers which form content on their learning management system, ComplianceWire.

Our green screen is portable and so we sometimes travel from the UK to New Jersey to film courses.

95% of our work with Kaplan EduNeering is for private audiences however there’s a public course introduction below for you to sample.

  • training video production for your internal teams – streamed from our servers or yours…
  • training video production for your customers – giving them best practice use of your software perhaps?
  • training video production for you to sell online to the public – taking your IPR and getting it online in the right format…

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